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Special Events

Authors and publishers:  If you are interested in doing an author talk / book signing at our Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, MD, please contact Matt Mathias, bookshop manager, matt.mathias@anshome.org or 301-652-9188 x29.

99 Reasons to be Fascinated by Birds

Woodend Sanctuary
Audubon Naturalist Society
September 18, 2014 (7-9 pm, Reception from 7:00-7:30; Presentation starts at 7:30)

Author William Young will give a presentation based on his book, The Fascination of Birds: From the Albatross to the Yellowthroat, released in May, 2014, Dover Publications.  He has traveled around the world to study birds and is especially interested in bird behavior and bird conservation.  The book is a collection of essays exploring the connections between birds and a broad range of subjects, including biology, ecology, literature, physics and the visual arts.  It is intended to help beginners better understand the birds and bird references they see.  Experienced birders may learn more about the ornithological and cultural aspects of birds.   

Light refreshments will be served.  The Bookshop will be open at 7:00 pm for this event.  RSVP to bookshop@anshome.org or 301-652-9188 x29 




To learn more about William Young and his work, please see his author bio and YouTube videos.



Hives in the City

Woodend Sanctuary
Audubon Naturalist Society
November 13, 2014 (7-9 pm, Reception from 7:00-7:30; Presentation starts at 7:30)

1 Bees in ManhattanAll over North America, honey bees are faltering from myriad problems. Interestingly, news about their struggles has caused the emergence of a new kind of beekeeper, one who is often young, female, and seeking to provide honey bees a safe home in the city.  Author Alison Gillespie spent a year following urban beekeepers in the core cities of the Mid-Atlantic, and then wrote about the experience in her book Hives in the City: Keeping Honey Bees Alive in an Urban World. In many surprising "unnatural" locations, the bees form an important link for people to the natural world, and those who tend to city hives are often as interesting as the bees themselves. This talk will include an overview of the current research on Colony Collapse Disorder and ways that all of us – even those who don't keep bees – can help local pollinators to thrive.   

Light refreshments will be served.  The Bookshop will be open at 7:00 pm for this event. RSVP to bookshop@anshome.org or 301-652-9188 x29

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For addition information about Alison Gillespie and her work, please see: