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catphil1213 72dpiRecertified as one of the 
"finest smaller charities
Greater Washington has to offer" 
by the Catalogue for Philanthropy

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ANS Staff

Phone Extensions


Lisa Alexander, Executive Director
Margo Francis, Deputy Director


Diane Cameron, Director of ANS Conservation Program
Cathy Wiss, MD/DC Water Quality Monitoring Program Coordinator
Stella Koch, Virginia Conservation Associate


Kathryn Mitchell, Director of Development
Antoinette Sooh, Annual Fund Manager
Debra Prybyla, Grant Writer
Loree Trilling, Development Coordinator
Larry Petrovich, Assistant


Lisa Alexander, Director of Environmental Education
Stephanie Mason, Senior Naturalist
Pam Oves, Woodend Sanctuary Office Manager
Stephanie Bozzo, Preschool Director
Heather Bailey, Preschool Teacher
Susan Handerhan, Preschool Teacher
Karen Vernon, Summer Camp Director
James Robey, Environmental Education Program Manager
Jen Wolfe, Environmental Education Program Manager
Beth Cranmer, Nature Travel Program Assistant
Diane Lill, GreenKids Project Director
Gregg Trilling, GreenKids Network Director
Jenny Brown, GreenKids School Garden Coordinator
Maria Sgambati, GreenKids Stream Study Coordinator
Ruth Polk, GreenKids Environmental Education Specialist
Lauren Simpson, GreenKids Environmental Education Specialist
Cathy Stragar, GreenKids Environmental Education Specialist
Katrina Kugel, GreenKids Environmental Education Specialist
Katherine Kirsch, GreenKids Environmental Education Specialist
Susanne Ortmann, Rust School Programs Coordinator
Christine Montagnese, Rust Environmental Educator
Alexandra Vlk, Broadlands Naturalist


Margo Francis, Director of Finance and Administration
Lois Taylor, Accountant
Sherrice Ajebon, Accountant


Carol Hayes, Reception/Office Coordinator


Kelli Holsendolph, Director of Communications and Marketing


Raj Sakaria, Property Manager
Bjorn Busk, Property Manager Assistant


Rebecca Robinson, Director of Rental Events, Woodend


Susanne Ortmann, Rust School Programs Coordinator
Christine Montagnese, Rust Environmental Educator
Ben Goode, Rust Sanctuary Caretaker

SANCTUARY SHOP bookshop@anshome.org

Matt Mathias, Buyer and Manager
Yoli Del Buono, Assistant Manager
Catherine Del Buono
Gavin Klosky 


Pam Herrick, Volunteer Coordinator


Phone Extensions

Woodend (Chevy Chase, MD) Headquarters: 301-652-9188

Activities & Education, x16 (adult, children, family & summer camp registration)

Afterschool Clubs, x45

Conservation, x22

Membership, x12

Development, x31

Naturalist News and Advertising, x20

Receptionist, General Information; x10

Rentals, x38

School and Scout Programs, x17

Summer Camp, x15

Volunteers, x30

Woodend Sanctuary Shop, 301-652-3606

Rust Sanctuary (Leesburg, VA): 703-669-0000

Webb Sanctuary (Clifton, VA): 301-652-9188

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