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Woodend Plant Life

Woodend Plant Life Photo Gallery  |  Meadow Restoration  |  Champion Trees

Woodend's grounds offer a rich assortment of plants in its native plant garden, wildflower meadows and wooded trails. Come explore Woodend's natural beauty the next time you visit us.

Blair Native Plant Garden
Funds for the garden were donated in memory of former ANS President William D. Blair, Jr. by his family.


What's Happening NOW in the Garden?

The Blair Native Plant Garden consists of native plants that can be seen readily in the wild in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, specifically in Maryland, Virginia, and the eastern West Virginia panhandle. Plants were chosen for their value to wildlife, their seasonal interest, and their ornamental features. Careful consideration was given to excluding plants known to be particularly palatable to deer as the sizable deer population here at Woodend has become a serious threat to plant diversity in the sanctuary.

The garden design incorporates the three physiographic regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed: Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountain. Plants are located in regions where they may be found in the wild, though many of these species grow naturally in more than one zone.

The benefits of gardening with native plants are numerous and significant. Native plants are adapted to local soil and climate conditions and have evolved to develop mutually beneficial relationships with local wildlife. Carefully planned native plant gardens require less maintenance, use fewer resources, and offer appropriate food and shelter for wildlife. They create habitat for birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects including important pollinators.

Garden design by landscape designer Jane Collins with Thornton Burnet, co-owner of Concepts and Contours, Inc based in Arlington, VA.


Woodend Plant Life Photo Gallery

WoodendPlantLifeSmallANS volunteers/members Janice and Allen Browne have created a lovely resource of Woodend plant life photos together with information about each plant. Click here to view the gallery and text.


Champion Trees at Woodend

Woodend has several official records in the Maryland Big Tree Program,
Department of Natural Resources Forestry Services

Black Walnut - Juglans nigra   Official Record  

Blue Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica   Official Record

English Oak - Quercus robur   Official Record

Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum    Official Record